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In a poem he wrote for Fidel Castro, “Let’s go... to free the green caiman you love.” said Ernesto Che Guevara. Green Caiman is a name the Cubans call their country, with the influence of this poem. Because with its shape and the richness of natural life it bears, the island resembles a sleeping alligator.

Green Caiman, namely Caimán verde offers high quality house rental (casa particular) services, with a foreign team who’s been living in Cuba for a long time.

Affordable, Refined and Smooth Vacation

Green Caiman commits to creating two things together: A budget vacation and -nevertheless- higher quality. The responsible, professional and knowledgeable staff of Green Caiman will get you through with any challenges you might face and enjoy a safe, peaceful and comfortable vacation.
Green Caiman has arrangements for all kinds of housing, from budget rental apartments to lofty villas and penthouses.

Experience the Real Cuba

The term casa particular is used for houses or sections of houses that are rented out to tourists, with legal permission from the Cuban Ministry of Labour and Social Security. These houses provide the guests an opportunity to get familiar with the local Cuban culture and society. You could consider staying with a family and be a bigger part of Cuban life, or you could enjoy your privacy in your own separate house.

Service Network All Around the Island

With its beauties of nature and with the culture it bears, Cuba is home to countless mysteries waiting to be unveiled. As a guide that can introduce you to these wonders, Green Caiman’s services are not limited to a few popular regions in the west of the island. With a service network covering the whole island, we strive to carry your stay in Cuba beyond your expectations.

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